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Unscrambling Property Interests

Properties involving Triple Net Leases (NNN) are among the most popular investments for both institutional and individual investors.[1]  Under a NNN lease all property expenses are paid  by the tenant, not by the landlord.  However, many leases that are advertised … Continue reading

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Valuing a STNL Leasehold

Capitalizing a leasehold may led to serious errors in valuation. Rather than using the capitalization method, use Discounted Cash Flow techniques to arrive at the financial value. Continue reading

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Valuing the Leased-fee Interest under a Ground Lease

When a property is leased employing a ground lease, two separate interests are created: the first is the leasehold interest, held by the tenant; the second is the leased-fee interest, held by the landowner/lessor. What is unique about properties subject … Continue reading

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Are Leasehold Interests Exchangeable?

A real estate investor who is contemplating an exchange of a fee-simple property into a leasehold interest (ground lease) property needs to be careful that the new  or remaining term of the ground lease, together with available options to extend the … Continue reading

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Pensions at risk by record unfunded liabilities

The United States is beset with many severe financial problems, not the least of which are the looming collapse of the Social Security System, an expanding public debt of $20+ Trillion and the impending collapse of Medicaid and the Affordable … Continue reading

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